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Preparing Your Yard for a Storm

What are you going to do Tropical Storm Ian?

That’s the big question on our minds!


It never hurts to go ahead and start prepping the yard in case it does come.  Here are some tips of what you can do to prepare for a storm/hurricane:


  • Mow the grass – Often times flooding becomes a problem and mowing the grass after a storm is not an option.

  • Trim any trees that need it – Prune away dead branches that might fall in heavy winds.
    Dead trees should be removed.

  • Remove debris from storm drains – we need those drains to work when flooding occurs!

  • Turn off your irrigation.

  • Remove all tools, furniture, and yard décor from you yard before the storm.

  • Bring your potted plants inside if able – Lay down any tall potted plants on their side.

  • Clean your rain gutters.

  • Pick any fruits/veggies that are close to ripe, as they will be most likely lost in a storm anyway.

  • Make sure you offer help to your neighbors to make sure they are doing the same – you don’t want their debris blowing into your property causing damage.

  • Make sure you get all your loose yard debris to the trash service before the storm.




Business Hours:


Depending on where the storm goes and its strength, we will most likely be prepping the day before the storm with limited hours and closed the day of the storm if needed.


Stay safe and crossing our fingers it decides to fizzle out or turn toward Gulf more.

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