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Edible Plants

Veggies and Herbs

We carry Veggie and Herbs in Spring and Fall.  We offer a large variety of each.  Click here to see our full list that we are often able to get in.

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Lemon Grass

Just about a year round staple in the nursery.  Can be used as mosquito repellant in the yard when planted, as well as in cooking and teas!

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Another year-round staple in the nursery is Bananas!  We often carry a few different varieties, all which grow fast and multiply!


Patio Fruit

We carry an assortment of "Patio Fruit".  These are regular fruiting plants that are young so you can keep in containers, or if you choose you can grow them in the ground.  When available, we can order:

Passion Fruit, Banana, Pineapple, Blackberry, Fig, Raspberry, Grape, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Tree.

patio fruit dragon fruit.jpg

Goji Berry

An evergreen, deciduous fruiting plant that grows 8'-10' tall.  Blooms in May small Lavender flowers and produces fruit that can be consumed dried or fresh.

goji berry.jpg


The Brazillian grapetree, a tree that is native to Brazil.  Purplish-black, white-pulped fruits which grow directly on the trunk.  Can be eaten raw or used to make jellies, jams, juice or wine.

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