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Succulents & More

Succulents, Cactus, and Air Plants oh my!

Our selection is unlike any others!  New deliveries every couple weeks!  Check out a peek of what we offer below.


Echeveria is a rose shaped group of succulents that offer a beautiful array of colors and shapes.  Personally one of my favorites!


Cactus Assortment

They might be pokey and draw blood, but they sure are cute!  We offer an assortment of cactus in 2", 3", 4" and 6" size.



In addition to Aloe Vera, we also carry an assortment of Ornamental Aloe Succulent.


Stunning Strings

One of our most sought after succulents in the nursery!  We have carried quite a few fun varieties including, String of Turtles, String of Hearts, String of Dolphins, Sting of Pearls (Green & Variegated), String of Watermelon, and String of Tears.

stunning strings.jpg

Air Plants

One of the most intriguing plants in the nursery!  These beauties only need air to survive!  Easily hot glue them to any surface, or lay them on top of rocks, wood, etc.


Assorted Succulents

So many varieties to choose from!

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