Whether it's fungus, insects, mites or deer, we have the products you need!  We carry a wide variety of product, including organic options!

Not sure what the problem is?  No problem!  Bring a sample in a ziploc bag or pictures and we can help identify and show you the right product!

Check out some of our top products below!

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Systemic Insecticide

One of our best products for a number of insects including, Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, Caterpillars and more!  We have it in easy to use granular form or concentrate liquid that you spray the leaves with.  Systemic lasts in the plants system for 30 days.



Stop plant diseases in their tracks!  F-Stop Lawn & Garden Fungicide is in a ready-to-spray bottle and can be used to treat a number of diseases, plants and lawn.

mosquito beater.jpg

Mosquito Beater

This is a great product!  I use it personally and found that it works!  Granular and Liquid Spray options.  All natural, kids and pet safe!  Granules last for 3 weeks, liquid lasts for 7 days.  Great during parties or outdoor events!

neem oil.jpg

Neem Oil

One of our favorite organic options!  Neem oil acts as an insecticide and fungicide!  We carry it in concentrate and ready to use.

deer and rabbit repellent.jpg

Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Liquid Fence is a staple to many homeowners around the area that battle Deer on a regular basis.  This product is organic and harmless to plants and animals.  It is a taste a smell deterrent to the deer and rabbits that want to come eat your plants.  This product also comes in a granular form that works great for low growing plants.



Holes in your leaves?  Most likely you have snail or slugs coming up at night feasting on your foliage.  Sluggo and Sluggo Plus is an organic product that is granular and acts as a bait to draw the snails and slugs to the bait.

Not sure what's going on?

No problem!  Bring a sample in a ziploc bag or pictures and we can help identify the problem and show you the right product!

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