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The nursery has grown and changed so much in the past years.  One of the newest changes is that we no longer offer landscape design or installations.  Currently we offer delivery and if you purchase pots, we can plant them up on site for a fee.


We provide local delivery service, Front yard drop off for $50.00.  Anything outside our local area is $75.00 (Front yard drop off).  If you are wanting more than 2 items specifically placed in a back yard location, there will be an extra charge.


One of our favorite things to do in the nursery!  Pick a pot and let us plant it up. Whether you pick out the plants or want us to design we can do it!  There is a fee for Soil and Labor that depends on the size of the container.


Not sure what's wrong with your plant?  Bring a leaf sample in a sealed bag or pictures and we can help you identify and show you the products to treat it!

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