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Sun Loving
Perennials & Annuals

We offer a huge variety of sun loving plants!  Florida sun is a whole other kind of sun, that is for sure!  You want to make sure you get a plant that can handle Florida sun and we have them.

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A perennial plant is a plant that lives for more than two years.  Most take foliage damage in frost or freeze.  Usually you can trim this damage off once the chance of frost and freeze is over and it can flush back out.  Perennials tend to bloom year-round and most attract pollinators!  A great addition to any landscape to add color.


Annuals are plants that live only one season or year and then usually get replaced.  Often in our climate Annuals can grow longer or even re-seed themselves.    Annuals generally stay low growing, grow quick and offer great color.  Great as container plants or in the landscape towards the front and can be easily changed out seasonally.
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