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Keep your plants happy and healthy by supplying a regular feeding of fertilizer.  We narrow down our products to the ones that work best!  It can be overwhelming looking at shelves with too many options and you're left wondering, "Which one is the best?".  Between the personal experience of staff and feedback from our clients, we offer a few great brands!  Check them out below!



Espoma Organic Fertilizer

Espoma is a favorite brand used by our staff and clients!  We especially love using Espoma's BioTone Starter Plus Plant Food!  Other products offered by Espoma include, Citrus Tone, Holly Tone, Azalea Tone, Garden Tone, Palm Tone, Rose Tone, Plant Tone, Flower Tone and Tree Tone.

Click here to see a detail on each Espoma product we sell.


Fert i lome

Fert i lome is another good brand name of products we offer.  For a good starter plant food, we recommend the Start N Grow Fertilizer.  For established shrubs and trees, we recommend Tree & Shrub Fertilizer.

11747 Start & Grow 20 lb.jpg
10864 Tree Shrub Food 4 lb.png



We also carry specialty fertilizers for plants like African Violets, Orchids, Cactus, Bulbs and more!

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